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  • Do you have problems in period closing or fast-closing within SAP FI
  • Does your SAP ERP not provide data in required quality and/or necessary level of detail
  • Do you need a cost-effective extension of you SAP ERP focused in SAP Financials
  • Do you plan to implement parallel ledgers following IFRS, US-GAAP or local tax
  • Do you need support extracting finance data for further usage in financial consolidation or data-warehousing
  • Are your consultants for data-warehouse focussing in logistics but you need finance data to be implemented as well following complex translation rules
  • Do you want simple solutions for simple problems not complex implementations for problems you do not have at all
  • Are you looking for a partner side-by-side even available as project ended
  • you like the idea of getting in contact as problems arise and you think that is not necessary for a consultant being on-site all the time

If so … … we are the right partner for you … we do remote consulting … and we are available as you need support – flexible and in-time

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We have got the experience, the solutions and we attend our customers long-term. The more we know our customers, the better we can help to evaluate, SAP-systems and employees.Matthias Kroner (CEO and founder of ALEACON GmbH